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The mission of The Injured to Elite Network is to transform the sports rehabilitation and performance industry. This can't be done alone as we have all learned early in our careers. It is now time to pass on our knowledge, network, and mentorship, so that you can build the career and brand you want to have maximal impact.

- Dr. David Meyer PT, DPT | Founder

Former Medical & Rehab Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals, Author of Injured to Elite, and Host of the Injured to Elite Podcast.

- Dr. Eugene Moznavsky DC, CPPS | Founding Member

Dr. Gene is the founder of Limitless Performance Chiropractic and is setting the bar high for the next wave of functionally oriented clinicians.

- Andrew Atakpo | Founding Member

As a former collegiate basketball player, Andrew is now bringing financial related services, and mindset coaching to those once in his shoes.

- Aidan Swift SPT, CSCS | Founding Member

Aidan is a Strength and Conditioning coach as well as a Student Physical Therapist at Stony Brook University with a background in hockey.

- Chris Vasami | Founding Member

Chris is a former professional baseball player, and founder of Vasami Training.

- Dr. DJ Haskins PT, DPT | Founding Member

DJ is a former collegiate basketball player that underwent multiple ACL reconstructions and is now serving athletes that were once in his shoes.

- Dr. Andy Seraphin PT, DPT | Founding Member

Andy is a rising star sports physical therapist that graduated from Duke University and has one of the most successful soccer oriented IG accounts.

- Sean O'Neill | Founding Member

Sean has a wealth of experience teaching, coaching, and being around the game at all levels, bringing mental performance education into I2E.

- John Cullen | Founding Member

With decades of coaching experience, John is the host of the Mental Advantage Podcast, and a Certified Mental Performance Coach through Brian Cain.

- That could be you!

Join the founding members and become part of the next wave of athletes and sports professionals to change the game.

Here are the benefits to joining us

Ask me anything!

You have questions about your career in sports, and my team and I have the answers...

Plug into my network

Don't know "WHO" holds the keys to your dream? Let me connect you with that person.


This is a hands on mentorship network from a multi-disciplined team, not just some quick fix videos to watch.

Learn from the best

Access exclusive and curated educators on topics that include sports brand development, clinical skills, mental performance, and career development.

A community filled with MVPs, that will add to your value

This community isn't for everybody, it is for those that are serious about achieving their sports related dream, and keeping a growth mindset even after having success. The sports business is one of "what have you done for me lately?", therefore it is important to keep plugged into other MVPs that are outside of your immediate circles.


Access to me and my sports network

Once you join the community you get plugged into my network of sports professionals across many disciplines from rehab experts, coaches, branding experts, to sports psychologists, and more!


Regular Private Ask Me Anything Zoom Sessions

Instead of waiting for answers from the right people, you will have formal time to "pick my brain" and get instant feedback on your ideas related to your development.


Sports Community Mastermind Support

You will be able to engage with a like-minded group of individuals that have unique abilities that are going to help support your own mission.


Mentorship and Coaching

When you sign up you will get a 1:1 initial coaching session with a founding member.


Curated Sports Related Online Education

You will have regular video and webinar access to specific topics of interest such as professional branding, skill development, and career coaching.

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Special annual rate for the first 30 members who join now. BTW...This is Dave himself that made this page, no web development 3rd party, this is our community and our privacy is always going to be a priority. We are family!